Janet txt

SMS text messaging – the easy, cost-effective way to connect with students, colleagues and parents.

Janet txt is a comprehensive suite of secure and reliable SMS text messaging services, provided by Critico on behalf of Jisc. Offering an array of feature-rich services to help schools, colleges and universities communicate more effectively using the power of SMS text messaging.

Critico’s Janet txt services offers simple yet powerful web-based desktop service and direct integration with the majority of education software and VLE systems. When using Janet, text messages are sent using our secure messaging platform.

Critico Janet txt

Account Login

Trouble logging in?

If you’re experiencing issues when trying to log-in to your account, or if you need to register for an account, please get in touch with our Support Team: customersupport@criticogroup.com

Why use Janet txt?

With no set-up costs and a low per-message rate the Janet txt messaging service offers the reassurance of a reliable messaging and integration solution with low controlled costs.


  • New lower SMS rates
  • No service/set-up charges for entry-level accounts
  • Widest range of API integration with education/VLE systems and software applications
  • New bulk/merge and queue management tools for largescale broadcasts
  • Multi-channel messaging across SMS, email, landline, app and pager
  • UK data-processing and GDPR compliance
  • Information security assured with encrypted transmission, ISO27001 accreditation and Cyber Essentials certification
  • BCDR resilience recognised by ISO22301 accreditation
  • Environmental and sustainability commitments ISO14001 accredited.


SMS For Education

Text messaging is hugely popular with students, so why not use it to keep them updated with course information, issue reminders about class attendance, assignments exams or notify them of class cancellations?

You can even run marketing campaigns using Short Codes and Keywords, or incorporate a 2-way number to allow responses from your message recipients.

Two-Factor Authentication

Critico also now supports 2FA on Connect/Janettxt accounts – please contact customersupport@criticogroup.com to activate.

Note that 2FA will become mandatory on all new accounts from 1st Feb 2024 and all existing accounts by 1st March 2024.

Online Top-Up

As well as the new-look account interface, we’ve recently added some fantastic service enhancements including a new online top-up feature, allowing you to add SMS credits to their account in a matter of minutes.

Urgent Reminder

To maintain the security and protection of your Connect/Janettxt account please update your account passwords regularly and use long and complex passwords (including letters and numbers).

Go to the Preferences option within your account to update your password – NCSC guidelines for Cyber Essentials advise a minimum of 8 characters if using Two Factor Authentication (2FA) or 12 characters if not using 2FA.

Communication without compromise.