It’s more than communications, it’s your secret competitive advantage.

At Critico we offer businesses – large and small – secure critical communications solutions that seamlessly connect your staff, customers and stakeholders, helping streamline operations, respond to incidents, manage site security or engage with clients.


Business Continuity

Maintaining effective communication is a critical element of any Business Continuity Plan, especially during crisis situations – whether local, regional, or national. Our solutions can equip our clients with a comprehensive suite of rapid and resilient emergency communication tools to initiate and sustain contact in the most challenging situations.

Customer Engagement

Be it new order status updates, appointment reminders or proactive notification of service issues, Critico’s SMS text messaging services can play an important role in generating improved customer engagement and satisfaction.

Worker Protection

Ensuring the safety of workers in high-risk conditions is paramount, providing them with confidence in their personal safety and immediate access to assistance in case of any potential risks. Our range of lone worker solutions keep your workers safe and your productivity up.

Multi-Site Connectivity

For businesses operating within multi-site campuses, we understand the daily challenges that demand effective communication across all locations. Our alerting solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your current infrastructure and can be scaled to align with your ever-evolving communication requirements and budget constraints.

Retail Communications

We understand that in fast-paced retail environments, everyone and everything needs to be ‘on’ – including your communications. Our equipment facilitates seamless in-store communication, enhancing responsiveness to every situation.

We understand the crucial role technology plays in your operations.

We can architect a technological landscape that aligns seamlessly with your objectives and quite simply helps saves lives. Trust us to not only meet, but exceed your expectations, enhancing your capacity to navigate daily challenges with confidence and effectiveness.

Critico offers businesses a comprehensive approach to communications, elevating them above competitors. The ability to adapt to daily business challenges, our solutions are what sets apart the best from the rest.