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Boasting scalability, easy configuration, and upgrade options, our technology delivers flexible benefits in real-time. Seamlessly integrating with paging systems, alerts not only activate on nurse call displays but also on staff pagers, enhancing response efficiency. Advanced features include indoor localisation for rapid patient response, fall detection, and cloud reporting for crucial data tracking.  

Critico designs systems from the ground up, ensuring customer requirements are met while providing futureproofing and integration opportunities.



Widely trusted, traditional wired nurse call systems are efficient and familiar in the healthcare sector. The technology is highly regarded, with streamlined hardware installation and no need for built-in radio modules, ensuring reliability.


The popularity of wireless nurse call systems is on the rise, offering fast installation without disruptive wiring in healthcare settings. With no need to vacate rooms during installation or repairs, convenience is paramount. Unrestricted device locations, no reliance on cable termination points, and the absence of a complete system shutdown in case of a single point of failure make wireless systems a versatile and efficient choice for modern healthcare facilities.

Communication without compromise.