Worker Management

Critico – where smart solutions meet seamless coordination for the ultimate in worker management intelligence.

We know that effective worker and resource management is a cornerstone for success and our solutions are designed to empower organisations with streamlined communication, task allocation, and real-time coordination, ensuring optimal workforce efficiency.


Task Allocation and Tracking

Efficiently assign tasks to your workforce and monitor progress in real-time. Critico’s solutions enable seamless coordination, reducing delays and enhancing overall productivity.

Lone Worker

Whether in high-noise environments, remote locations, or hazardous conditions, our lone worker solutions are meticulously designed to enhance safety compliance, protect against emergencies, and provide peace of mind for both employers and lone workers alike.

Mobile Workforce Communication

Connect with your mobile workforce effortlessly. Our solutions facilitate instant communication with field teams, ensuring that critical information reaches employees on the move.

Shift Scheduling and Attendance Management

Streamline shift scheduling, track attendance, and manage workforce availability effortlessly. Critico’s solutions are equipped to handle complex scheduling needs, promoting efficient workforce planning.

Emergency Response Coordination

Navigate emergencies with precision. Our solutions provide real-time communication, critical alerts, and automated protocols, ensuring a swift and coordinated response during critical situations.

Two-Way Communication

Enable seamless two-way communication between management and staff. Critico’s solutions facilitate active dialogue, empowering employees to provide feedback, seek clarification, or report issues promptly.

Prepare, respond, and recover with confidence.

Trust in Critico for a future-ready approach to worker management, where every connection is meaningful, and every task is executed with precision. Connect, coordinate, and cultivate a workforce that propels your organisation toward operational excellence.

Why Critico?

Tailored Solutions

Recognising the unique needs of each organisation, Critico offers tailored worker management solutions that align precisely with your workforce management requirements.

Scalable Platforms

Whether you operate on a small scale or have a large workforce, our solutions are scalable to accommodate your evolving needs. Grow with confidence, knowing that our platforms adapt to the scale of your operations.

Security and Reliability

Security is at the core of our offerings. Critico ensures that your worker management processes are not just efficient but also secure. Rely on our platforms for the highest standards of data protection and operational reliability.

Communication without compromise.