Licencing & Planning

Critico can help you and your organisation navigate through strict licensing and planning requirements to ensure that your critical communication networks meet the specific regulatory requirements.

We incorporate encryption, authentication, access control, and other security measures to safeguard communication channels.


Why do organisations need a licence?

Depending on country, region, and/or specific requirements, organisations may need to acquire licenses to operate radios legally. These licenses are typically obtained from the relevant regulatory authorities e.g., Comreg and Ofcom, who are responsible for managing the airwaves. They outline the frequency bands, power limits, and other regulatory conditions.

What licences do Critico offer?

Critico provides Third-Party Business Radio (TPBR) licenses. Our TPBR licenses allow us to provide business radio services to customers nationwide – without the need for individual licensing of business radio operations for each specific geographic site. This alleviates the inconvenience of licensing for businesses as they do not need to apply directly to the regulatory authority for licensing.

Coverage and Capacity

With the use of our own Google Earth, we can view the ideal frequency and best coverage for your business operations. Our customers can benefit from our Coverage and Capacity Planning service ensuring optimal coverage and capacity for radio systems.

This includes analysing geographic terrain, evaluating signal strength, considering building penetration, and conducting coverage testing to ensure seamless communication across an entire service area.

Cross-Organisation Communication

For multiple organisations to work together during emergencies, projects and operations, planning must include interoperability considerations. This involves analysing different radio systems, protocols, and technologies to ensure compatibility and seamless communication across multiple networks. Planning the network infrastructure is crucial to ensure reliable communication.

This includes determining the number and location of base stations, repeaters, antennas, other software, communication services and components required to establish a robust and resilient network.

Critico’s future-ready approach to licensing and planning will transform your communication infrastructure into a dynamic asset for sustained growth and success.

Communication without compromise.