The ideal solution for every circumstance.

We are proud that organisation’s across a diverse range of sectors entrust their critical communications in our hands.  Our extensive experience and expertise enables us to understand our clients and tailor solutions to meet their diverse needs   whether its improving firefighter call-outs, enhancing customer engagement, or managing incident response, Critico delivers when it matters. 

Healthcare organisations across the UK and Eire – including the NHS, HSE and private health facilities – rely on Critico to deliver fast and reliable communication when they need it most.

At Critico, we know that when it comes to your communication systems, devices, networks, and software, reliability is non-negotiable.

By supporting and integrating a range of technologies Critico can deliver a tailored approach to your critical communication needs – mix and matching service, devices, and networks for different applications and use cases.

Critico is accomplished in supporting local and central government bodies across the UK and Ireland with our comprehensive solutions and expertise in critical communications.

Making the right connection is the key to education.

From student marketing to crisis management, Critico’s range of communication and messaging services are dedicated to meeting the needs of the Education sector.

Critico’s proven track record of excellence in communications can help shape the path of your business success.

Our ability to provide multi-dimensional solutions that stand up to the demands of diverse industries is what makes us a trusted partner of many business organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

We understand the crucial role technology plays in your operations.

We can architect a technological landscape that aligns seamlessly with your objectives and quite simply helps saves lives. Trust us to not only meet, but exceed your expectations, enhancing your capacity to navigate daily challenges with confidence and effectiveness.