Business SMS

Experience the future of business messaging with Critico – where simplicity meets impact, and your messages make a lasting impression.

With Critico, businesses can unlock the power of instant, reliable, and scalable SMS text messaging, enhancing productivity, improving client engagement, and ensuring that communication remains a strategic asset for success.

Whether you’re reaching out to clients, coordinating with teams, or disseminating important information, our user-friendly platform provides a cost-effective and rapid way to connect.


Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery

Regardless of the scale of the event, be it local, regional or on a national level, text messaging can be a highly effective communications channel between you and your staff during an emergency.

Operational Messaging

From simple day-to-day alerting to routine notifications, text messaging offers a quick and convenient mechanism to send important information to both clients and employees.

Customer Relationship Management

Maintaining regular contact is key to creating strong customer relationships. Text messaging reminders and updates can help keep customers informed as well reduce inbound calls and associated call- handling costs.

IT & Systems Management

Text messaging is a great tool to help businesses effectively monitor, control, and manage various types of facilities and critical systems. By integrating text messaging with your business network, alerts can be sent to the relevant people as soon as something goes wrong, or to confirm that everything is running smoothly.

Incident Management

A rapid and reliable communications capability plays a vital role in incident detection, evaluation and resolution, text messaging can form a key role in your critical messaging strategy.

Field Staff Management

It’s vital to be able to reliably reach your sales teams, engineers, field service workers, on-call or rota staff, facilities or security personnel. With our text messaging and location services, it’s never been easier to keep staff informed or improve response times.

Staff Communication

Text messaging can help your business deliver effective communication and keep employees engaged. From critical alerts to updates, surveys and company announcements, text messaging can help to maximise the efficiency of your corporate communications.

Communication without compromise.