Smartphone Apps

Transform your mobile device into a dynamic hub for instant communication, real-time coordination, and rapid response during emergencies.

Our Responder App allows you to extend your current pager and SMS broadcasts to smartphones providing for improved interactive task and resource management.

Whether you’re a first responder, a security professional, or a key personnel member, our Smartphone Responder App is your indispensable companion, providing a seamless and intuitive interface to navigate crisis situations, share crucial information, and enhance overall emergency preparedness.

Who is it for?

Field or responder roles that need resilient two-way messaging for job dispatch and allocation

Managers and Execs who no longer carry a pager but don’t want to miss important operational or emergency alerts and notifications

Applications where you need to distinguish critical alerts from the everyday noise of smartphone notifications


Integrated & Targeted Messaging

Fully integrated into Critico’s cloud-based suite allowing you to integrate smartphone messaging within your existing mobile alerts messaging service.

  • Send/Receive from Connect accounts or Critico API’s
  • Include within SmartGroup and SmartFilter broadcasts
  • Monitor users current availability status
  • Integrate with Critico location and mapping services

Critico’s Smartphone Responder App is the simple, dependable way to make sure important messages and critical alerts reach the right people, in real time, wherever they are.

Targeted Alerting

The Responder app is fully integrated with Critico’s Connect web-based messaging suite and wider multi- channel messaging gateway capability offering a flexible approach to multi- channel messaging across device types and networks.

  • Send messages from your desktop or own software systems.
  • Mix and match messaging across Responder app, SMS, email and pager addresses
  • Send individual or group broadcast messages.
  • Use Priority Alerts to ensure staff don’t miss critical alerts
  • Target staff with filter-based messaging – e.g. send only to staff with a current status of ‘Available’

Separate & Elevate Important Messages

With important alerts sent via email frequently missed amongst the clutter of other general messages, staff can often overlook them or fail to respond promptly. The Responder App offers a separate and distinct messaging channel to ensure important operational and emergency messages are never missed.

  • Separate distinct Inbox
  • Distinctive pager-type pop-up and audible alerts
  • Pre-defined QuickReply options
  • Status Update feature

Priority Alerts & Critical Messages

Critical messages can be optionally sent as Priority Alerts which are distinguished from standard alerts via:

  • Distinctive alert tone and visual indicator
  • Overriding handset alert/silent setting (handset/OS dependent)
  • Repeated reminder alerts if not read

Secure & Assured Delivery

The Responder App provides secure closed-user group two-way messaging for iPhone and Android devices.

  • Global GSM and WiFi coverage
  • Secure encrypted transmission
  • Delivery and read confirmation
  • Office-to-handset and handset-to-handset messaging

Location Aware

The Responder app supports an optional location update capability that allows you to keep track of field resource and make location-aware decisions when responding to jobs or incidents.

Communication without compromise.