Lone Workers

A Duty of Care.

Critico’s Lone Worker solutions redefine safety and security in the workplace, providing a comprehensive solution tailored to safeguard individuals operating independently.

We combine our cutting-edge technology and 30 years+ of industry expertise to deliver robust and dependable systems. Our most sophisticated devices allow users to send a geotagged SOS alert and can even send alerts automatically by detecting potentially injury-causing falls, trips, inactivity, and impacts.

Whether in high-noise environments, remote locations, or hazardous conditions, our lone worker solutions are designed to enhance safety compliance, protect against emergencies, and provide peace of mind for both employers and lone workers alike

How do Lone Worker alarms work & what are the benefits?

Critico’s range of Lone Worker Devices and Apps provide lone workers with an SOS alarm function that when activated will forward a geo-tagged, audible, and visible alert. The alert can also be escalated to another individual, call centre, or a group of pre-selected land or mobile telephone number(s) to ensure that an alert is not missed. 


Integrated Messaging

Critico’s Lone Worker solutions integrate seamlessly with both our cloud-based messaging suites, as well as third party systems. A live dashboard view shows the current status of all active Lone Workers and a full log (and audit trail) of staff messages and locations can also be viewed via a Critico online account.

Responder 2-Way SOS Pager

Critico’s two-way Responder device offers reliable two-way communication with the speed, assurance and reach of traditional paging coupled with the capacity to acknowledge and respond to paging broadcasts. More importantly, the technology embedded within the Responder Pager also supports an emergency SOS alarm button and GPS location positioning.

Responder Smartphone App

Available for iPhone and Android devices, the Responder App includes a specific Lone Worker and SOS mode, which when activated requires the user to acknowledge a periodic welfare-check. Failure to do so generates an SOS alarm combined with the last known GPS location.

Our commitment to safety compliance makes us a trusted partner in enhancing lone worker safety.

Employers can rest assured that their workforce is equipped with reliable tools that enable proactive responses to emergencies, contributing to a safer and more secure work environment for everyone involved.

We understand the crucial role technology plays in your operations.

We can architect a technological landscape that aligns seamlessly with your objectives and quite simply helps saves lives. Trust us to not only meet, but exceed your expectations, enhancing your capacity to navigate daily challenges with confidence and effectiveness.