Critical Communications. Connected.

What sets Critico apart is our dedication to being the best fit for your business. We go beyond providing standalone solutions; instead, we seek to integrate technologies to offer a more unified approach.

Our goal is to streamline critical communications, ensuring they align seamlessly with your organisational workflows and contribute to overall operational efficiency.

With our multi-channel, cross-technology capability, Critico ensures that we can seamlessly match different technologies to varying applications whilst bolstering communications resilience.

Critico Products

Our investment in the national paging network means that our customers benefit from a multi-network, resilient and secure platform that can integrate seamlessly with mobiles, landlines, and email services.

With a focus on precision, resilience, and seamless connectivity, our radio solutions ensure that communication is not just a tool but a strategic asset in critical operations. Two-way radios offer reliable, instant communication for unparalleled clarity.

Whether you’re a first responder, a security professional, or a key personnel member, our Smartphone Responder App is your indispensable companion, providing a seamless and intuitive interface to navigate crisis situations, share crucial information, and enhance overall emergency preparedness.

Suitable for high-noise environments, remote locations, or hazardous conditions, our lone worker solutions are meticulously designed to enhance safety compliance, protect against emergencies, and provide peace of mind for both employers and lone workers alike.
With Critico, businesses can unlock the power of instant, reliable, and scalable SMS text messaging, enhancing productivity, improving client engagement, and ensuring that communication remains a strategic asset for success.
Both reliable and resilient, Connect has been developed from the ground up to provide peace of mind for companies looking for a proven messaging platform to deliver time-critical communications. SMS, email and paging can be initiated direct from easy-to-use desktop systems including online accounts, services for Microsoft products, your email client and mobile or fully integrated into your backend systems and software.
Boasting scalability, easy configuration, and upgrade options, our technology delivers flexible benefits in real-time. Seamlessly integrating with paging systems, alerts not only activate on nurse call displays but also on staff pagers, enhancing response efficiency.

We understand the crucial role technology plays in your operations.

We can architect a technological landscape that aligns seamlessly with your objectives and quite simply helps saves lives. Trust us to not only meet, but exceed your expectations, enhancing your capacity to navigate daily challenges with confidence and effectiveness.