When we say public, we mean every last person, without fail.

Critico is accomplished in supporting local and central government bodies across the UK and Ireland with our comprehensive solutions and expertise in critical communications.

As an approved Government supplier, we undergo rigorous scrutiny in order to meet standards set by government regulations.

Our solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and provide cost-effective communication channels. Our expertise in emergency response, dedication to security and confidentiality make us a trusted partner for government agencies. Because in government, communication is the best policy.


Emergency Notifications

Critico’s suite of solutions enable swift and targeted emergency notifications. In times of crises or urgent situations, local and central government agencies can use a combination of our technologies to distribute vital information to the relevant personnel and the public.

Mission-Critical Group Messaging

Critico can help ensure efficient communication and coordination among government teams during emergencies or critical operations.

Disaster Response and Recovery

During disaster situations, Critico’s communication tools can be instrumental in coordinating response and recovery efforts. These solutions help keep all stakeholders informed and aligned, enhancing the effectiveness of government-led initiatives.

Public Information Accessibility

Critico’s expertise in improving public information accessibility through text-based communication can be invaluable for government agencies. Timely and accurate information can be distributed to the public, promoting transparency and public safety.

On-Call Staff Communication

Our solutions facilitate communication with on-call staff through multiple mobile devices, ensuring a prompt response when needed.

Security & Confidentiality

We understand the importance of security and confidentiality in government communications. The platform provides secure messaging options to protect sensitive information and maintain the integrity of government operations.

Accessibility for Diverse Needs

Critico are equipped to support diverse communication needs, including reaching out to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. This inclusivity ensures that critical information is accessible to a broader audience.

Compliance with Government Standards

As an approved Government supplier, we adhere to strict government standards and regulations. This compliance ensures that the communication solutions provided meet the specific requirements of local and central government agencies.

We understand the crucial role technology plays in your operations.

We can architect a technological landscape that aligns seamlessly with your objectives and quite simply helps saves lives. Trust us to not only meet, but exceed your expectations, enhancing your capacity to navigate daily challenges with confidence and effectiveness.

When we say public, we mean every last person, without fail.