Why use paging in 2023?

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Newswire

What is paging?
Paging is one of the most resilient and cost-effective ways to communicate with numerous people simultaneously and pagers play a vital role in keeping staff and mobile workers informed in organisations throughout the UK. PageOne’s national paging network covers nearly all of the UK’s population, sending messages to pager alert numbers anywhere within this radio coverage area.

What kind of paging systems are there?
There are two distinct categories of paging systems in operation. On-site paging systems are used in buildings/small sites and Public Wide Area paging which provides coverage across the UK using multiple transmitters. With PageOne’s latest 2-way pagers you can see real-time message delivery status, read receipts and message replies – as well as staff status updates and GPS location information. Our enhanced 2-way pagers also offer multi-network resilience.

Is paging suitable for critical alerting?
Yes. PageOne uses its own private paging network to send paging messages across the UK. This means that in times of public crisis the network is protected from public access overload – common on mobile networks. This level of resilience makes our paging network ideal for communications during emergencies, therefore forming an essential part of Incident Management or Business Continuity plans.

How reliable is paging?
PageOne’s paging network broadcasts messages in real-time, ideal for sending large amounts of information or to large groups of people at the same time. This means messages are delivered consistently, even in peak periods and one message can be received by thousands of people at the same time. It is for these reasons many organisations use paging for critical alerting, operational messaging and status monitoring, providing a cost-effective, more reliable and consistent service than any of the alternatives available today.

Are pagers complicated to use?
No. Pagers are simple and very straightforward devices. They can be used in very sensitive environments such as communications and data centres, hospitals, aeroplanes and electronic equipment rooms. Paging receivers can also be installed in other electronic devices such as signs and telemetry systems so coupled with its inherent ability to address many thousands of paging receivers at once, is ideal for real-time, group broadcasts and high volume data applications.

Can paging integrate with other IT systems?
It is very easy to send paging messages using various methods to integrate into an organisation’s back office or IT systems. PageOne has an extensive list of computer API protocols such as our REST API.

Looking for a 2-way communications system?
With PageOne’s latest 2-way pagers you can receive real-time message delivery status, message replies, staff status updates and GPS location information – on top of all the usual benefits of PageOne paging.

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