Benefits of multi-network, multi-device connectivity!

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Newswire

What do the organisations you rely on count on for their communications?


The NHS, Fire and Rescue, Police, Ambulance and other emergency services choose paging services for reliability, accessibility and resilience. Even if your own requirement for wireless communications and alerting are not quite as critical as theirs, that’s no reason to settle for an inferior system which could ‘fall over’ at any time.

Paging and alerting solutions have moved on significantly in recent times. They now offer more capabilities than ever, while still maintaining the unique benefits which make them the go-to communications choice when failure is simply not an option.

One of the latest developments in the field is 2-way paging, which combines the benefits of fast messaging with speedy message-delivered and message-read acknowledgments, plus the option for the recipient to answer quickly by choosing from a variety of pre-defined responses.

2-way paging has ‘closed the loop’ on traditional broadcast messaging – and with messages able to be initiated from multiple channels (web, SMS, email, paging) and sent to multiple device types (Smartphone, Pager, Mobile) organisations are afforded flexibility and resilience. And in today’s ‘always-on, mobile, decentralised work-from-home world, connectivity is key for many organisations and businesses across most sectors, whether you’re keeping staff informed of important information, keeping lone workers safe, or ensuring business continuity communication plans are robust and reliable.

For critical messaging PageOne’s paging network has the added advantage that messages can get through even in environments where phone signals are unavailable and where an internet connection is not an option. For enhanced resilience PageOne’s Responder pager devices support a multi-network, triple resilience capability.

Triple resilience alerting combines local and national paging networks, plus the GSM mobile network, to ensure the message always gets through. Because they are sent via PageOne’s own private network, communications always reach their recipient – even when public networks ore overloaded during an emergency.

In the aftermath of the 2005 London bombings, the CEOs of every NHS Trust in London agreed that the paging solution in place – as the only truly resilient form of contact – should be the communication method of choice for major incident notification across the city.

On the day of the bombings, when most public mobile communications networks were swamped and rendered inoperative by the sheer volume of ‘traffic’, the paging network was the only reliable, uninterrupted service, and continued to deliver messages throughout the duration of the crisis. Even at peak periods messages are delivered reliably and consistently. The same message can be sent to any number of people, and to specific groups dependent on the situation.  Additionally, Lone worker options mean you can ensure staff working alone are safe, and reassured.

It’s not only in the capital that the NHS relies on paging systems. In fact 70% of NHS Trusts nationwide use PageOne paging systems. While they come into their own at times of major incidents – providing fast reliable and resilient communication there are many sectors and applications where reliable communications are a must.

Of course for managers in all sectors, communications are not their only workforce management issue.
Increasing the efficiency of the workflow is also a major responsibility, and some managers believe a smartphone is essential to achieve this. We do offer smartphone app’s, giving that option when the situation demands it.

For added flexibility – which also aids resilience – solutions such as PageOne’s Connect system are not limited to just one method of sending messages. The Connect system allows users to send messages through a web-console, via mobile and tablet , by email and by using a smart app. These messages can be received on the recipients preferred device. There’s also our 24/7 call centre back-up facility for when all other methods of sending messages have failed, giving you the most resilient solution available in the UK today.

Why wait for an emergency to discover the advantages of multi-network, multi-device connectivity for yourself?

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