PageOne ‘No-deal’ Brexit Preparedness Statement.

Brexit ‘No-deal’ Preparedness
PageOne has undertaken a review of its services, contracts and supply chain to assess what, if any, risks are apparent in the event of a Brexit ‘no-deal’ scenario as of 1st January 2021
Following an assessment PageOne can confirm that it does not believe its services or contract performance will be adversely affected by a ‘no-deal’ Brexit scenario and can confirm that: –
• PageOne’s operations, networks and services are wholly UK based with no critical service or components being EU reliant or sourced.
• PageOne maintains a diverse supply chain for pager devices and network equipment.   No current pager hardware suppliers are EU-based thus mitigating any Brexit effect on EU supply arrangements or future customs tariffs.
• PageOne’s service and data/data-centres are wholly UK based and hosted, mitigating any risk of data not being allowed to be stored or processed in the EU.
• PageOne is used to managing, and wherever possible, absorbing equipment price changes that may arise from global currency fluctuations.
• PageOne sees no significant increase in demand for its services as a result of Brexit that could not be satisfied by current operational capacity or stock holdings.
• PageOne is not reliant on EU funding or capital requirements, mitigating any risk of any impact on the flow of funding between the EU and UK.
• PageOne does not believe its human resources would be affected by a more restrictive immigration policy in the future.
C W Jones
Chief Executive Officer

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