SNPP Pager Message API Integration

For SMS Integration

SMS & Pager Messaging Integration using SNPP Protocol

Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) provides quick and convenient connection from any Internet-enabled PC software system. It’s ideally suited to allowing your own software systems to easily and reliably connect to Critico for transmission of SMS and pager messages, regardless of network, without incurring telephone charges.


  • There is no incremental cost to send messages into Critico for transmission, as they are effectively sent ‘free’ across the Internet
  • Quicker, more efficient and more reliable than sending via a modem or using email
  • Generates positive acknowledgment in seconds to confirm that the message has been accepted



As well as SNPP, we offer a number of other protocols including SMTP, SMPP and SOAP/XML, so that you can choose the option that’s best for you.


SNPP Documentation


SNPP Implementation

SNPP Example Session


SNPP Example Session

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