Location Based Services Supplemental Terms of Use

Critico provides Location Services that may enable an End User’s mobile device location to be determined, either by mobile network cell-based or via Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) service.

Location Services are an integral part of certain Critico Services, enabling End Users mobile device location information to be displayed on a map, be associated with received messages, included with SOS alerts, status updates, lone worker updates and alarms and Customers own software systems.

For cell-based Location Services, unless otherwise expressly stated, the Service is restricted only to handsets registered via an End-User opt-in with the End-User able to opt-out of the Location Service at any time.

For GPS-based Location Services, the mobile device and/or software application on the mobile device will allow the End-User to enable or disable Location Services. For specific applications, including emergency-type SOS and Lone Worker type Services, the PageOne software application may attempt to override the location service setting and attempt to report location information as an intrinsic part of the service.

  1. The Customer agrees that the use of any location information should only be used for locating its employees and/or associates including subcontractors and agency temps (the “Locatees”) and shall not be used for any other purpose.
  2. The Customer shall communicate to its Locatees information about the Location Service, including how and why it operates, and how the Location information is to be used by the Customer.
  3. The Customer must take sufficient steps to obtain the necessary consent from the Locatees and provide PageOne with proof of such consent upon request.
  4. The Customer shall also ensure a process for removing Locatees from the Location Service and ensure such processes are communicated to Locatees.
  5. In providing their consent, Locatees agree to be located and provide consent for the mobile operator to release their location information to PageOne for the provision of the Location Service.
  6. The Customer accepts that the service accuracy of the location information can vary depending on the user’s situation, i.e. city versus country location, or depending on the type of location service used, e.g. cell-based versus GPS.
  7. The Customer shall be responsible for managing the processing, use and security of location information. The Customer must use the Location Service associated location information within the law and acknowledges that the collection and use of sensitive personal data using location information is subject to relevant privacy and data protection legislation including, but not limited to, the Location-based Service Industry Code of Practice, the Data Protection Act, the Electronic Communications Regulations, and any other relevant Codes of Practice guidance as issued from time to time by the relevant Authorities.
  8. PageOne may from time to time issue instructions on the Customer’s use of the Location Service and the Customer agrees to implement such instructions immediately.
  9. Where PageOne has reasonable grounds for suspecting misuse of the Location Service or failure by the Customer to either follow such instructions or adhere to these Terms may result in PageOne suspending the Location Service, and for repeated misuse or failures may result in Location Service being withdrawn.
  10. The Customer acknowledges that PageOne is wholly reliant on the mobile operators and other third parties for the provision of both cell-based and GPS-based location information and that such third parties or PageOne reserve the right to terminate the service without notice.
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