Fair Use

  1. Introduction
    1. Critico’s fair use policy sets out message traffic limitations and restrictions for its standard service levels.
    2. Premium levels of service may be provided upon request, but could be subject to additional charge.
  2. Paging (including 2-way)
    1. Critico operates Grade of Service (GOS) protection mechanisms for computer generated paging message traffic. The standard GOS limits are:-
      1. 20 paging messages per pager address per hour, excluding Smart Groups (see 6.1 below).
      2. 10 paging messages per TAP connection session.
      3. 10 paging messages per computer connection in 15 minutes.

      The above standard GOS limits are subject to an overriding limit of 25 times the volume of pagers in service per customer in each month. (e.g. 25 pagers x 25 messages = 625 paging messages per month per customer).

    2. The GPRS data allowance included with the standard Responder 2-way pager service is 2Mb per month per pager, with an allowance of up to 20 SMS messages per month per pager also included for use when the GPRS service is unavailable.
  3. Paging Bureau
    1. The number of calls to the paging bureau shall not exceed 15 times the number of pagers in service per customer in any month (e.g. 15 pagers x 15 calls = 300 bureau calls per month per customer).
    2. Use of the paging bureau is restricted to sending of paging messages only (which include Smart Groups) and shall NOT to be used for out of hours reception, secretarial or similar uses.
    3. The Special Instructions service is intended to aid the taking of important messages, and shall NOT be used for out of hours rostering procedures or any other processes that significantly increase the call holding time of paging bureau operators.
  4. SMS
    1. Critico’s default standard for SMS transmission is 1 message per second from any account or computer connection, excluding SmartGroups (see 6.1 below).
    2. A single SMS message comprises up to 160 standard characters.  Longer messages will be sent as multi-part messages (up to a maximum of 5 message parts).
    3. The number of characters per message part is reduced for multi-part messages and/or messages that include extended or international characters – for full details see https://www.criticogroup.com/support/sms-message-formatting-and-charging/
  5. Email
    1. Customers should NOT send email messages containing attachments to Critico’s SMTP servers. Email messages with attachments will be blocked and discarded.
    2. Email messages sent from a customer account including SmartGroups shall not exceed 10% of the total number of messaging traffic (paging, SMS and email) in any month.
    3. The standard e-page service is limited to 55 emails per pager per week.
  6. Smart Groups
    1. The following standard limits apply per SmartGroup:
      1. SMS addresses per Smart Group is 500
      2. Fax addresses per Smart Group is 50
      3. Pager addresses per Smart Group is 25. (There is no limit to the number of pager addresses within a programmed paging group)
      4. Paging groups per Smart Group is 25.
      5. Emails per Smart Group is 25.
      6. Location requests per Smart Group is 25.
  7. VoiceBlast
    1. Standard service level provides for a voice message of up to 30 seconds duration broadcast to 100 telephone numbers in any 5 minutes’ duration.
    2. The optional VoiceBlast dial-in service may be used for recipients to dial back to listen to a missed message but shall be restricted to no more than 100 inbound calls per hour.
  8. Location Based Services (LBS)
    1. The number of LBS network location queries per single transaction is 25.
    2. The number of Points of Interest per account is limited to 25.
  9. Connect/flare/Contact/Campaign Manager Accounts
    1. The number of contact manager entries is limited to 500.
    2. The duration for historical reporting is 90 days from the current date.
    3. The maximum time in advance for diary entries is one year.
    4. The maximum number of Dynamic Filters that can be created is limited to 10 per account.
    5. The maximum number of custom fields in the Contact Manager is limited to 5.
  10. Responder Smartphone Apps
    1. The number of push notifications per handset is limited to an average of 100 per month, per handset per customer.

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