Critico Service Charter

Critico Service Charter


Introduction The Service Charter outlines our key commitments to you and the standard of service that you can expect to receive. Critico is committed to providing a premium service to its customers; our aim is to work with our clients to further enhance our service offering and support levels. Where there is already a service level agreement in place between a client and us, this charter should be read in conjunction with that agreement.

What can you expect from us…
» We will be friendly, helpful and professional. The Customer Support Team will take ownership of your enquiry.
» We will avoid jargon and will explain technical terms.
» We will listen to your feedback on our products and services.
» We will keep you informed of new Critico products and services, unless you have expressly asked us not to.
» We strive to record and monitor service standards within Critico.
» We will continue to deliver and improve on all the service standards set out within this charter. Critico Service Delivery Standards Customer Support
» We aim to answer 90% of the calls received with 15 seconds and 95% of the calls within 60 seconds.
» We aim to acknowledge 95% of all queries received within 4 hours of receipt (during working hours ).
» We aim to respond to 90% of service queries within 3 working days. If the matter is complex and needs further investigation, we will contact you to explain the reason for the delay and with a resolution leadtime.
» We aim to respond to 90% of all invoicing queries within 3 working days and any amendments will be reflected on the next invoice.
» We will acknowledge all customer complaints within 2 working days and aim to reply to 95% of all customer complaints within 5 working days.

Critico Call Centre
» We will continue to deliver and improve on all the service standards set out within this charter. We will aim to answer 90% of the calls received within 15 seconds.
» The Call Centre agents are committed to taking your messaging information in an efficient manner; they will confirm the pager number (if appropriate) and message contents back to you prior to sending your message.

Order Fulfilment
» We will continue to deliver and improve on all the service standards set out within this charter. We will endeavour to process 95% of valid customer orders received before 2pm for delivery/activation in accordance with Critico’s order fulfilment leadtimes.
» We will aim to process 95% of all pager activation requests and number swaps within the same day if received before 3pm. Service Availability
» We will continue to deliver and improve on all the service standards set out within this charter. We aim to provide 99.85% service availability.
» We aim to resolve all major service affecting faults within 4 hours.
» We aim to deliver 95% of paging and SMS messages to the appropriate network provider within 40 seconds.
» During periods of local or national emergencies, Critico will manage traffic demand to ensure paging message target delivery times are maintained.

Critico expects the highest level of confidentiality from all our employees as an express condition of their contracts of employment. Information provided to Critico will remain confidential and be used solely for the purpose of providing messaging services and support to you.

Complaints Procedures
We make every effort to ensure that our customers are happy with the level of service and the products and service they receive from us. However, despite our best efforts, things can go wrong. When they do we want to know, so that we can put them right as soon as possible. Customer complaints in the first instance should be directed to the Customer Support Team or your appointed Account Support Manager as detailed in your Service Level Agreement. The CRM Advisor will listen to your complaint and seek to resolve the problem while you are on the telephone line. If this is impossible, we will agree a course of action with you. Should you not be satisfied with the resolution or timescale, you may escalate your complaint to a Critico Senior Advisor. If for any reason you are still not satisfied you may escalate your complaint to the CRM Director. (More information is available in our ‘Customer Complaint Handling Process’, which is available from the Customer Support Team). For general service issues and enquiries please contact the Customer Support

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