2-way Paging Services Supplemental Terms of Use

  1. The Customer agrees that the use of 2-way Paging Location Services (“2PLS”) should only be used for locating its employees and/or associates including subcontractors and agency temporary staff (the “Locatees”) and that it shall not be used for any other purposes unless agreed in writing by PageOne.
  2. The Customer shall communicate to its Locatees information about the 2PLS service including how and why it operates, and how the location information is to be used.
  3. The Customer accepts that the service accuracy can vary depending on situational factors such as the users location, i.e. in-building versus on-street.
  4. The Customer shall be responsible for managing the processing, use and security of location information. The Customer must use the 2PLS and associated location information within the law and acknowledges that the collection and use of sensitive personal data from the use of 2PLS is subject to relevant privacy and data protection legislation including, but not limited, to the Industry Code of Practice, the Data Protection Act, the Electronic Communications Regulations, and any other relevant Codes of Practice guidance as issued from time to time by the relevant Authorities.
  5. PageOne may from time to time issue instructions on the Customers use of the 2PLS and the Customer agrees to implement such instructions immediately. Where PageOne has reasonable grounds for suspecting mis-use of the service or failure by the Customer to either follow such instructions or adhere to these Terms may result in PageOne suspending the 2PLS service, and for repeated misuse or failures may result in service withdrawal.
  6. The Customer acknowledges that 2PLS is wholly reliant on the availability of the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system for the provision of location information and that PageOne has no control over its provision, availability and/or accuracy.

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